“Failed to establish an encrypted channel” is another way of saying that your phone is unable to connect. Many variables can affect the connection, such as the distance between the device and your router, the interiors of your walls, or the network connection of your phone.

First, just try fully closing the app and reopening the app.

If this does not correct the issue, you can check your phone’s network:

  • Please try accessing your camera using cellular data by disconnecting from your WiFi on your phone.
    • You may have to contact your cellular company to determine the proper data plan
    • Unlimited data plans do not necessarily mean unlimited at full speed, they can come with restrictions. Some data plans are truly unlimited and only the bandwidth speed is throttled, or intentionally slowed down.
  • Try connecting your phone to the 5.0GHz WiFi network.
    • While Energizer Connect devices must remain connected to a 2.4GHz network, your phone can be connected to the 5.0GHz network. You can still access your Energizer Connect devices.

If necessary, you may want to free up bandwidth on the 2.4GHz network by removing other devices in your home off your 2.4GHz network and onto your 5GHz network.

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