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XCS7-2001-BLK Smart WiFi Indoor Mini Camera

XCS7-2002-CHM Wireless Chime for Snapshot Battery Doorbell Camera

XCS7-2002-WHT Smart WiFi Snapshot Battery Doorbell Camera

XHS7-2001-WHT Smart WiFi Window/Door Sensor 

XLB7-2001-RGB Smart WiFi Dimmable White + Multicolor LED Bulb

XLB7-2001-SWT Smart WiFi Dimmable Warm White LED Bulb

XWS7-2001-WHT Smart WiFi Plug


XCS7-1004-BLK / XCS7-1004-WHT WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

Video Tutorials:
XTH7-1001-WHT 3.5″ WiFi Touchscreen Thermostat
XTH7-1002-WHT 4.5″ WiFi Touchscreen Thermostat

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