Package Contents:

Smart Indoor Mini Security Camera, Flexible USB Plug, Magnetic Mount, Mounting Kit, 3ft Micro USB Cord, Quick Start Guide

  • Live stream video straight to your App
  • Option to record audio & video with a microSD card (not included, max 32GB)
  • Supports loop recording and playback from local micro SD card
  • Multi camera viewing 
  • 60˚ field of view
  • Wired power with included flexible USB cable and battery backup

Click for User Guide

8 thoughts on “INDOOR MINI CAMERA

  1. Curtis Broughton says:

    When it is recording does it fill up the sd card till it’s full each use and you have to empty it & re use or does it only works for the times you need to save a recording to?

  2. Mike says:

    Is there a way to view the stream without using the app? I’d like to add the camera to a larger web-based home automation system.

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